[h3_with_line]Latest Arkitron LIVE Updates[/h3_with_line]



Arkipad Container Tower – fast pre-build and mobile       more






Full Blown, Flagship MetaBlock WIP





Small MetaBlock Unit





Arkipad Fusion House 

Arkitron Fusion Unit




Arkitron Fusion Pod  Row Houses



Tiny Tower Flats- Stage 3








Slim Tower Project -continued






Tiny Tower Flats- Stage 2



Small Offices Cluster Block WIP  

Small Offices Block



Mannerist Flats

ZZ Flats Revisited



Houseboat at Sea

Arkitron Fusion



Fat Tower WIP 20 stories



Slender Tower

Slender Tower 200m



10 Story Wooden Tower WIP  

10 Story Wooden Towers



Pillars Of Hercules Residential Bridge



Cathedral Updates

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